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Chronic illnesses are conditions that last longer than three months and are typically managed but not cured. They are believed to affect nearly one-half of adult Americans. Those facts aside, you are reading this because chronic illness has impacted your life in a number of ways, including tiring easily and experiencing frequent pain, changes in appearance or physical abilities, and/or undesirable side-effects of prescribed medications. Feelings of worry, stress, anxiety, anger and/or depression may be complicating your experiences of being overwhelmed by the illness, finding it hard to understand what is happening, and feeling frustrated by a strict schedule of medication and doctor or hospital visits. The effects of the illness or disability may be challenging a view of yourself that is separate from the disability.

Work with a behavioral health care specialist in these processes can be very helpful. The support of a behavioral health specialist whose personal experience with a chronic illness can assist you to better adapt and cope with the effects of illness and related disability.

“Never give up, and be confident in what you do.” – Marta

Various circumstances have prevented your access to behavioral health care and, thereby, increased the difficulties. Access to a behavioral health specialist by way of video conferencing (“teletherapy”) can assist the follow-up care by promoting your responses and adherence to treatment.

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